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qBox Utab 7.6
— экран 7"
— 800x480
— емкостный
— мультитач
— Android 4.0
— встроенная память 4 Гб
— microSDHC
— Wi-Fi
— две фотокамеры
— вес 300 г
— артикул 24360

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Video av Mats L Willassen
Ass kamera av Store P og Jan Eyvind
University of Utah gymnasts Corrie Lothrop, Georgia Dabritz and Kailah Delaney working skills on July 6, 2011.
Here is Game 1 lads and we are first up against RDKKILLERZ
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My names Joe and im known as joebiline or joebilineHD on here i specialise in Bronze and Silver Player on FIFA Ultimate team or for FUT for short, The 2 main types of videos you will find on this channel are player reviews ( i do a gold player INFORM - IF - from the latest team of the week - TOTW - on the night of release usually a ST winger or CAM and then from thursday through i get down to business with the Silver & Bronze informs of that week during special periods so say during TOTS & TOTY ( team of the season and team of the year ) i will also review those special players as well as the odd legend card review. The other main video type you'll see me making are squad builders most of these are cheap and OP i love making silver hybrids and many of my subs do to so you'll be sure to find the perfect hybrid for yourself. occasionally youll find me doing a RTG or on here as i like to vary from reviews and squad builders every so often to freshen things up a little, however im not a very good trader so there wont be many trading videos, and if you are here for pink slips and wager series with live crazy and insane rage then you have come to the wrong channel im afraid. i will occasionally upload pack openings however ill only upload one if i get a good pull, nobody wants to watch a pack opening were the best pull is Stewart downing. anyhow im starting to ramble but im sure you will agree my hybrids are beast and hopefully you'll subscribe for all the latest daily fifa 14 and when it arrives fifa 15 videos Cheers for reading and i hope to see you in my comments section soon. Joe

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This has been a work in progress, finally customized it just perfect for me. I was wanting a light weight, Urban bike, that could still cruise along at a decent speed. The all Shimano drive train, " 3 x 10 " 30 speed, it is awesome. Shifts are lighting fast, lots of power transferred to the wheels, via the Crank Brothers pedals, SLX crank, & the Mavic wheels, its a real winner. Plus did not have to sacrifice comfort to get there, and still weighs under 23 pounds. Questions or comments, just leave at the bottom.. & THANKS for WATCHING..
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