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Viewsonic VB80a Pro
— экран 8"
— 1024x768
— емкостный
— мультитач
— Android 4.0
— встроенная память 8 Гб
— microSDHC
— Wi-Fi
— Bluetooth
— две фотокамеры
— mini HDMI
— вес 620 г
— артикул 31704

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ViewSonic ViewPad VB80a Pro + Чехол-подставка | unboxing
ViewSonic ViewPad VB80a Pro + Чехол-подставка | распаковка
Unboxing and quick look at audio and video functions of the ViewSonic VB100A Pro tablet.
Bought this during Singapore IT Expo '13, unfortunately from the blacklisted vendor "Raytechnology".
Read about them here:
The unit I have now is fine but I experienced their bad service first hand, within minutes after purchase. Unbelievable...
First unit I was given had a dead pixel. Naturally, I waved down a salesgirl to inform them about it and request a new unit.
The salesgirl told me "I don't think they will change it for just one pixel only.", I insisted and she went to inform a "BOSS".
The BOSSES were fat men in white shirts hiding behind the counter.
The same salesgirl then came back and said that the "BOSS" told me to bring it to the service centre.
I was extremely upset and realised I must have bought from a dishonest vendor, stood around refusing to accept the half-assed response and finally another "BOSS" appeared.
He kept insisting it was a speck of dust under the screen protector, I challenged him to remove it to check, and he finally gave in and replaced my unit. It only took a minute, was that so hard???
Checked my new unit thoroughly while the staff glowered at me and then left with a bitter taste in the mouth.
Here's the official statement from ViewSonic-SG about how my RayTechnology tablet's warranty is not valid:
Finally, here's the same tablet except way cheaper on DealExtreme, which seems to have more in the way of warranty and reliability than RayTechnology anyway:
Hope Singapore Expo does a better job screening the vendors. Read tons of horror stories regarding Raytechnology on HWZ.
Besides a slight wallet burn from buying the tablet overpriced, I'm fine as long as my tablet doesn't get damaged in the coming year.
*Fingers Crossed*

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Music: The Path of the Goblin King, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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