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PiPO M7T 16Gb
— экран 8.9"
— 1920x1200
— емкостный
— мультитач
— Android 4.2
— встроенная память 16 Гб
— microSDHC
— Wi-Fi
— Bluetooth
— 3G
— гироскоп
— две фотокамеры
— mini HDMI
— вес 390 г
— артикул 22032

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PiPO Max M7T 3G 8.9'' IPS Capacitive Screen Rockchip RK3188 Quad Core 1.8GHz Tablet PC 2GB RAM 16GB Flash Dual Camera WiFi Bluetooth GPS Android 4.2
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Main Features:
8.9 inch IPS Capacitive Touch Screen Supporting Multi-touch (1920?1200 pixels)
RK3188 Quad Core CPU 1.8GHz
Internal 2GB RAM and 16GB Flash
Built-in Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS
Built-in 3G Sim Card Slot
Dual Camera (Front 2.0MP, Rear 5.0MP)
Battery: 6300mAh
Support Multi-languages and Android Market
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Обзор планшета Pipo M7 Pro 3G Android 4.2 с димплеем Retina Full HD: Antutu Benchmark - 19187 баллов
Pipo M7t 3g WCDMA Phone Tablet PC (Phablet) live Antutu benchmark test & in-depth review. Check out full specs or where to buy here: 'Like' our video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Mention this video when you order and receive a free gift!
This new deluxe tablet from Pipo has high specifications and is available right now for an outstandingly low price! The Pipo M7T Tablet PC has full phone functionality and 3G. So you can make and take calls while you browse the Internet and use data.
The 8.9 inch IPS touch screen has a high specification native pixel resolution of 1920*1200. The built-in connectivity includes 3G WCDMA, WiFi, and Bluetooth and 2G.
The Quad Core 1.6GHz RK3188 Cortex A9 CPU is powerful and delivers your content with smooth operation and rapid delivery. The 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM memory enable you to run everything you need with ease. The dual cameras are great for video conferencing including skype, taking photos and shooting video. The front cam is 2.0mp with the rear at 5.0mp. The M7T also has GPS, so you can use it for navigation and location services.
Buy here 'Like' our video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Mention this video when you order and receive a free gift!
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