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Onda Vi30 8Gb
— экран 8"
— 1024x768
— емкостный
— мультитач
— Android 4.0
— встроенная память 8 Гб
— microSDHC
— Wi-Fi
— вес 490 г
— артикул 20784

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(ONDA) Vi30 Deluxe 8" Multi-touch Android 4.0 OS 8GB Tablet Flat PC (CPU Allwinner A10 1.5GHz RAM 512MB GPU Mali 400) L-78992
My third review is devoted to Onda Vi30 Dual Core. As most of my other tablets, it's from my favorite Chinese tablets shop, Spemall:
Under the request of Spemall, I share the coupon for all the YouTubers: YouTube3%OFF
It is a 3% coupon for any order above $100.
This tablet is based on Amlogic AML8726-MX SoC: Cortex A9 Dual Core 1512 MHz Mali-400MP2 (Dual Core). This SoC is also used in Ainol Aurora 2, but in Onda it operates on higher frequency in performance mode: 1512 MHz VS 1320 MHz in Aurora. In CPU and RAM tests this tablet is one of the fastest for today, you can see the results of the tests in the video. In 3D it's good enough, but Aurora 2 is a bit faster because of the lower screen resolution (1024*600 VS 1024*768), and Yuandao N70 is substantially faster for the same reason and because it has a more powerful GPU: Mali-400MP4 VS Mali-400MP2. Also, the screen of this tablet is not an IPS screen, so the viewing angles are not as good as in the Aurora and N70. But it is my favorite screen size - 8" 1024*768, the screen is larger and it is better for the reading and for the Internet. The last official firmware 1.2 is quite good, so I have no problems with this tablet. Also, it is much cooler compared with Aurora and Yuandao, even in performance mode there is almost no heat. That is because of the metal shell and good engineering, I think.
So I really like this tablet and may recommend it, especially for the price.
Test results:
AnTuTu Benchmark - 9177 points (almost 10000 points in the latest official firmware, about 9850 points)
Quadrant - 5600 points
Basemark Taiji - 16.5 FPS
Nenamark 2 - 47.0 FPS
Also, in about a week I'm going to make a review about Teclast P85 Dual Core:
I have the first generation of this tablet and it's good, so I expect the good results. Also, you may expect the reviews for the Ainol Flame and Cube MINI U30GT, but it will be a bit later.
So, thanks for watching, and there will be more ;)

•Display: 8-inch high-definition Capacitive touch Screen, supports 5-point touch, resolution 1024x768
•Operating System: Android 2.3
•CPU: Allwinner A10 Many Core, clocking @ 1.2GHz, overclocking @ 1.5GHz
•Memory: 512MB DDR3 RAM + 8GB Internal Sotrage
•Camera: 1.3MP front-facing
•Ports: HDMI output, 3.5mm earphone jack, OTG port, etc.
•Supports super HD 2160P video playback
Onda Vi30 Dual ?cran 8'' QHD Android 4.0 CPU 1.5Ghz Dual-core HDMI:
Processeur: Allwinner A9 1.5Ghz Dual-core.
M?moire: 1Go DDR3 RAM + 8Gb ROM
Ecran: 8 pouces
R?solution: 976 x 768 (4:3)
Webcam: 0,3MP
Batterie: 4800 mA h
Epaisseur: 9.8 mm
129€ via
Просмотров: 1278
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