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Match Tech MID120
— экран 10.1"
— 1024x600
— емкостный
— мультитач
— Android 4.0
— встроенная память 8 Гб
— microSDHC
— Wi-Fi
— mini HDMI
— док-станция
— артикул 18624

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In game 2, both Dylan and Andy keep rather loose hands. Which deck can recover and dominate the game? They're both pretty goofy in this one, and it's nice to be reminded that magic is just a game, and the most important thing is to always have fun! Don't forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE!
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- Deck lists -
Kiki Control:
4 Wall of Omens
4 Restoration Angel
3 Snapcaster Mage
2 Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Mana Leak
3 Path to Exile
3 Electrolize
2 Remand
2 Cryptic Command
1 Spell Snare
1 Sphinx's Revelation
1 Batterskull
4 Arid Mesa
4 Scalding Tarn
3 Celestial Colonnade
3 Steam Vents
2 Sacred Foundry
1 Hallowed Fountain
2 Cascade Bluffs
2 Tectonic Edge
1 Desolate Lighthouse
2 Island
1 Mountain
1 Plains
Naya Mid-range:
4 Birds of Paradise
1 Noble Hierarch
4 Tarmogoyf
1 Scavenging Ooze
2 Voice of Resurgence
3 Courser of Kruphix
3 Huntmaster of the Fells
1 Thrun, the Last Troll
4 Stormbreath Dragon
3 Bonfire of the Damned
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Path to Exile
1 Sword of Fire and Ice
4 Misty Rainforest
4 Arid Mesa
1 Verdant Catacombs
1 Kessig Wolf Run
1 Sacred Foundry
2 Temple Garden
3 Stomping Ground
1 Fire-lit Thicket
3 Raging Ravine
1 Horizon Canopy
3 Forest
1 Mountain
1 Plains
Taking the DT SRS-A1 .260 Rem to the range. Overview of the rifle, the Kahles K624i 6-24x56 scope with the Desert Tech AMR reticle and DTA HTI Tapered Scope Rings (40 MOA).
I'll be shooting the Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 260 Remington 120 Grain Tipped Triple-Shock X Bullet Boat Tail & the Cor-Bon Performance Match Ammunition 260 Remington 123 Grain Lapua Scenar.
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Wade from HiTechLegion.com installing components into the Cooler Master HAF XB Mid Tower computer case.
The Cooler Master HAF XB is a mid tower computer chassis, designed to be both a LAN box and a test bench. Packed into the HAF XB is support for full size ATX motherboards, 3-way SLI/Crossfire, and stock cooling that blows directly over the system board and CPU with support for water cooling radiators. On the front panel there is support for two USB 3.0 ports, and two externally removable X-Docks for hard drive installation. The CM HAF XB has reinforced handles on the side panels as well as a removable motherboard tray. This design offers the perfect match of portability and installation ease.
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Tarpon Robotics FTC6451 2014-2015 FTC Cascade Effect Mid-Season Video. This is our third year participating in FTC and we worked really hard on our robot. We hope you enjoy the video and leave some feedback!
7th Place Match match of the 2013 USAW Junior Freestyle Nationals with Joshua Terao from Hawaii vs Steve Polakowski from Illinois at 120 lbs. Copyright USA Wrestling 2012. Technology provided by Flowrestling.org
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Общая оценка Match Tech MID120 на Vizitov.ru: 5 из 5 на основании 34 голосов.

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