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Kurio 7S
— экран 7"
— 1024x600
— емкостный
— мультитач
— Android 4.2
— встроенная память 8 Гб
— microSDHC
— Wi-Fi
— две фотокамеры
— mini HDMI
— артикул 16608

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The Kurio 7S from Techno Source is a fully functioning, 7-inch, Android tablet that is designed for families to share. The 7S has the Android 4.2 operating system, 8 gigabytes of storage, Wi-Fi, a USB adapter, external speakers, headphone jack and front and rear facing cameras.
Toys and gadgets manufacturer Eldohm has developed a tablet that is suitable for the whole family, including children. The Kurio 7 Tablet is an Android device especially designed for children aged 6 to 12.
The Kurio 7 has a couple of unique features that make the tablet child friendly. First of all it comes with a detachable rubber casing so that it can survive a fall. The parental control filter has more than 460 million websites in its database and parents can set up to eight separate user profiles. For each profile you can choose which sites can be visited, which applications can be used and the amount of time a child can spend on the tablet. The internet can be a dangerous place and it's a good thing this tablet makes it easy for parents to protect their children.
Let's look at the technical side of this kid's tablet. The Kurio 7 tablet works on Android OS and has a multi-touch screen, making "zooming and sliding" in games like Angry Birds possible. It has a Cortex A8 processor, 512 Megabytes of ram, 4 Gigabytes of internal storage, WiFi, an HDMI output, a 640 by 480 webcam and a Micro SD slot for up to 32 Gigabytes of additional memory storage. And the tablet lasts up to five hours on one battery charge.
Despite the impressive specs the Kurio 7 seems to lag a bit. This is especially noticeable in demanding applications like games. The screen resolution also leaves a lot to be desired, but that can expected from a lower tier tablet marketed to kids. It's nice that the tablet comes pre-loaded with full versions of games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. If you want to download more apps and games you can visit the Kurio app store where you can find all kinds of child-friendly content.
The Kurio 7 Tablet is a nice tablet for children. Parents have plenty of options to limit internet access and game time and the rubber casing makes it difficult to break. The low resolution of the screen and sometimes laggy performance makes it less suitable for adults who are used to high end tablets like the new iPad.
We give the Kurio 7 Tablet three out of five stars.
Check out the best kids tablet website at for reviews, how to's, more videos, and comparison shopping. This is a Kurio 7s kids tablet full video review on the things I would want to know before I mad this purchase.
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