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DF Neptune-01
— экран 9"
— 800x600
— емкостный
— мультитач
— Android 4.1
— встроенная память 4 Гб
— microSDHC
— Wi-Fi
— артикул 7296

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A demonstration of the boss character Sailor Neptune and attempts to play as the bosses in Story mode. Read on for her moves and more information on the dialogue glitches...
This video demonstrates a quick fight using one of the boss characters Sailor Neptune against the CPU; and also attempting to use the boss characters in Story mode.
In this game, there are 3 bosses - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. If you look on the character select screen, they are the three at the back of the group. All three are available and can be selected from the start, however they cannot be selected in Story mode. With the use of Action Replay codes, attempting to do this will cause corruption and glitching on the story dialogue screen.
With the use of Save States, I've sectioned the video into 4 bits:
-- 1st section demonstrates a fight with me using Sailor Neptune against the CPU
-- 2nd section shows me attempting to use Pluto in Story mode, causes complete graphic corruption on the dialogue screen
-- 3rd section shows me attempting to use Neptune in Story mode, causes slight graphic corruption on the dialogue screen
-- 4th section shows me attempting to use Uranus in Story mode, causes complete graphic corruption on the dialogue screen
This is a sweet little game with good graphics, and the gameplay is okay too. The hit-pause and hit-collision is a little off, but perfectly playable. The boss character I used for the fight - Sailor Neptune - has a fireball, a jumping uppercut, a shoulder throw and a close-up axe kick that hits twice... remind you of anyone? ;)
====== Sailor Neptune special moves ======
-- Deep Submerge: D,DB,B + P
-- Dragon Punch: F,D,DF + P
====== Desperation Move ======
-- Super Dragon Punch: F,D,DF,F,D,DF,F + HP (requires low life / gasping stance)
====== Action Replay codes =======
The following is the character cursor select address, applies to the character screen:
Player 1: 7E1B40XX
Player 2: 7E1B80XX
Replace XX for the following character:
01 = Sailor Moon
02 = Sailor Mercury
03 = Sailor Mars
04 = Sailor Jupiter
05 = Sailor Venus
09 = Sailor Chibi Moon
The game's full name is Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Juugai Rantou!? Shuyaku Soudatsusen.
Normal speed on snow and ice is certainly not high ( especially of course this applies to hovercraft , skeg ) but in this video are perfectly visible opportunities hovercraft with the classical flexible protection , though it is not a small hovercraft , and 23 passenger transport is capable hovercraft , the price is lower than any suggestions of boats and hovercraft such capacity, just buy , delivery throughout the CIS , sales are open not only conventional but also modular options (gruzo - passazhriskih ) this model ship hovercraft SNVP -1200
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[PSV] ??????? ??????Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation / Chou Jijigen Geimu Neptune: Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation / Ultra Next Dimension Neptunia: Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation
You saved from the big meanie, but Ram think you are another meanie!.
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Music video by Metropol performing Neptune
Free Album Download on:


Director: Francisco Jos? Hern?ndez Tapia
Producci?n: Grrr! Robot Factory
Website: www.robotfactory.tv
Mexico D.F., Mexico
Le saux live playing Neptune Project - Aztec (Aly & Fila Remix) @ Eurofest White 2010 Mexico DF

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